Up 2013 Tucson Show Slideshow

Steve Rush and Jack Purson bringing in the goodies
This is the time when you can bring in the stuff but can't open it yet
It was pretty crowded in the morning
Alex Homenuke and Bill Williams
Bel and Larry Crotts
Few of Phil Casdorf's beautiful sticks
Bob Samay and Bill Collins
Brad and Linda Ross
Connie and Roger Peterson with Mike Bergmann on the prowl
Dave Thorpe and Benjy Kuehling
Dave Thorpe's first table
Dave's second table of goodies
George Allen and Bob Samay
Gwen Johnson thinking how much she'd rather be back in cold snowy Michigan
John Kynor and Jim Swallow - Gee John, I thought you gave me this!
Michelle and Steve Rush and kids
Morris Jackson and his popular stamp models
Ruth Moon - I'd rather be quilting!
Leo Stambaugh's really nice sticks
Leo's other goodies
Steve Brinkley and Doc Kraft

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