Welcome to my collection of mining artifacts. My name is Hal Post and Iíve been collecting mineral specimens, mining books and mining artifacts for over 25 years. Iíve added descriptive text and a little history to each of my artifacts so I hope you enjoy the pics and perhaps find them educational as well. I love old mining supply catalogues so I will continue to add scans of mining items from these catalogues as they become available. If you have comments or questions, like the site or don't like the site, or have some suggestions to make it better, please let me know with an email. Thanks and Enjoy!

Check out some of my favorite early photos of Colorado and Utah mining history. These photos are from the USGS photo library coming from the early (1880s to 1920s) USGS studies conducted by such icons as Emmons, Spurr, Cross, Lindgren and Ransome. Some of these photos found their way into early USGS professional papers, monographs and bulletins but most did not.

ADDITIONS UPDATE! Over the past few months, Iíve added a few new and interesting hard-to-find items to my online museum. Most recently, these include a brass carbide bicycle lamp known and marked as the Baldwin acetylene lamp (with original wooden box), a Grier three bottom carbide carrier, and an early Western Federation of Miners ribbon for the Terryís Peak South Dakota No. 5 minersí union. The Baldwin lamp is the subject of Frederic E. Baldwinís noteworthy patent for an acetylene gas lamp filed on Oct. 18, 1899 and awarded on Aug. 28, 1900 as patent No. 656,874. The lamp is historically significant in that the follow-on modification to this lamp known as the Full Moon became the first carbide lamp advertised and marketed for mining use. The Grier carrier, ca. late 1910s, includes three unfired brass bases each with a smooth bottom seam and three ribs embossed on the side. These carbide carriers are popular with collectors and difficult to find in nice condition. The Western Federation of Miners (WFM) ribbons are also very popular with collectors. The Terryís Peak Minersí Union was organized on Aug. 12, 1891 and represented the miners of South Dakotaís Ruby Basin Mining District. The Terryís Peak union along with fellow South Dakota minersí unions in Lead and Deadwood were all early members of the WFM. Two unusual minerís candlesticks were also added. The first is a 1900 patented stick by James Young Walker of the historic mining town of Rossland, British Columbia. Of the 10 candlestick designs patented in Canada, this is the only stick actually patented by a Canadian resident. The other 9 were patented in Canada by US residents after receiving patents in the US. No record of a US patent filing by Walker has been found. The other stick is an unusual all copper presentation stick marked Butte Montana 1911. This is one of 6 of these sticks known in collections. Each of the copper sticks is marked with a personal name or a marking similar to this one and includes a fancy hook with an arched horseshoe and fancy heart shaped thumb tab. Another recent addition is a seldom seen brass Clanny lamp with an unusual two part steel bonnet and marked American Safety Lamp and Mine Supply Co. The elaborate removable bonnet has a rotating top part with a perforated brass ring about the lower steel bonnet. This lamp is one of two known in collections. Other newer items include one of the earliest single-shot blasting units approved by the Bureau of Mines; another in the group of rare aluminum oil wick lamp with a unique spout feature; a neat vest pocket Clanny safety lamp made by Hughes Bros. of Scranton PA; a matching father-son pair of arched hook candlesticks made by the same hand; and, lastly, a green enamel Justrite No. 3 metal and glass repair outfit for carbide lamp parts. The Davis Instruments permissible single-shot blasting unit received approval No. 1203 on Oct. 17, 1924. The cylindrical shape unit is described as Model No. 00 and is spring operated. So far, itís one of only two known in collections. The aluminum oil wick lamps include a group of more-commonly marked Pat. Apd. For lamps based on the 1909 Scott Hammond patent as well as a handful of rare aluminum lamps that include the NoMelt, match striker on font, and flat-backed indestructible. The new one marked PAT. AL. is one Iíve never seen before. It includes a unique rectangular spout tip opening as well as an unusual breather hole in the lid. The all brass vest pocket Clanny is a fully operational safety lamp, albeit only slightly more than 5 in. tall, likely carried by mine officials and inspectors. Itís the much harder to find cousin of the vest pocket Davy also made by Hughes. The unusual pair of arched hook candlesticks includes a small and larger version with the same features made by the same hand. Each includes a heart-shaped thumb tab. The short/miniature version described as unique is included in Wilsonís Candlestick Guide as No. 113. The newly-found Justrite No. 3 repair outfit was first introduced in Justrite Catalog No. 6 published in 1927. It was offered in white enamel color and replaced a similar white-color No. 3 outfit with a different configuration of part slots. This No. 3 outfit however is in green enamel and was unlisted in any Justrite catalog. This is the second green outfit known. Another recent addition is an extremely rare Quirin Bull's Eye safety lamp built to the 1884 Mauchline patent. The Bull's Eye lamps are highly sought after by collectors. This lamp is one of two, possibly three, known Quirin examples and matches the patent drawing exactly. The relationship between Quirin, Mauchline and James Everhart is an intriguing one to which I have lent speculation bolstered by a visit with Quirinís great grandson. I hope you enjoy the site and find it as interesting as I do in putting it together.

BOOKS UPDATE! I collect mining books so I thought I'd share selected image scans of some of my favorite obscure out-of-copyright titles covering mines, miners and their history. I recently acquired a rare fabulous special first edition of Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Illustrated by Henry L. J. Warren and Robert Stride. Originally published in 1896, this is one of the finest known view books of a gold mining camp. Full of 104 pages of photos of mines, buildings, early town views, and other area development, the book was a promotional item for investors interested in the local gold mining operations. Eighteen pages of double columns list all the area mining companies and their holdings. I was preparing to scan several pages to include on my web site when I discovered that google books had already scanned a similar complete copy of the book in the New York Public Library. Iíve included a link to that scan for your enjoyment.

CATALOGS The newest additions are two original mining supply catalogues. The first is an early 1910 edition of the Queen City Supply Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. This 1132 page catalogue includes supplies for railroads, mills, mines, quarries, machinists, lumbermen, foundries and blacksmiths. The Queen City Supply Company was organized in 1890 as the successor to the Post and Company supply departments which had been in existence for more than a quarter of a century. The catalogue offers early versions of Baldwin carbide lamps including wet mine lamps with and without the attachment on top for use with candlesticks. This is the only ad Iíve ever seen for the wet mine Baldwin with the candlestick attachment, an extremely rare lamp. The second catalogue is the General and Electrical Catalogue No. 99 for the venerable Denver firm of Hendrie & Bolthoff Manufacturing and Supply Company. Established in 1861, this companyís No. 99 Catalogue is dated 1924 and presents 1786 pages of machinery and equipment of all kinds including blasting supplies, mining lamps, ore cars, cages, and other mining supplies to name a few. Iíve scanned several pages from each catalogue of mining related items. Have fun checking them out.

SHOWS UPDATE! I'm often asked about how to get in contact with other collectors and information on upcoming mining artifact shows. Check out this link to Eureka Magazine to participate in a collectors' forum and information on upcoming events. Also check out happenings of the Eastern Mining Collectors Association at Eastern Mining Collectors Association . The next mining shows are scheduled for:
February 4, 2017 at Tucson, Arizona
April 1, 2017 at Carter Caves State Resort Park, Olive Hill, Kentucky
June 17, 2017 at Ouray, Colorado and
August 5, 2017 at Nevada City, California

PHOTOS UPDATE! Here are photos from past mining shows. Check out the new photos of the 2016 Ouray Show. Enjoy your virtual visit!
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