Up 2013 Ouray Show Slideshow

Ouray 001 Early Setup at Dave Thorpe's Table
Ouray 002 Leo Stambaugh Setting Up
Ouray 003 Others Setting Up
Ouray 004 Leo Stambaugh
Ouray 005 Jane Becksted
Ouray 006 Mark Bohannan Wondering Where His Name Tag Is
Ouray 007 Goodies at Steve Rush's Table
Ouray 008 More of Steve's Goodies
Ouray 009 John Kynor's Beautiful Korean Stick Find
Ouray 010 Phil Casdorph's Show and Tell Fraternal Trio
Ouray 011 Part of Paul Johnson's Table
Ouray 012 More of Paul's Sticks
Ouray 013 Gwen Johnson Watching Over the Flock
Ouray 014 The Stamp Mill Modeler Deluxe
Ouray 015 Deb Quamen's Table of Carbides
Ouray 016 Some of Leo's Sticks
Ouray 017 The Folding Varney
Ouray 018 Bob Werner Looking for a Deal
Ouray 019 Jim Dysinger's Beautiful Ainsworth Transit
Ouray 020 Welcome to the Dysingers
Ouray 021 A Wonderful George Foott Original at Steve Rush's Table
Ouray 022 Larry Spangler's Table
Ouray 023 My Only Friend Captin Bob Schroth
Ouray 024 Terry Sharpton and Larry Crotts
Ouray 025 Al and Deb Quamen
Ouray 026 Phil Casdorph
Ouray 027 Michele Rush and Friend
Ouray 028 Ruth Moon Where's Tony
Ouray 029 Tom Hughes
Ouray 030 Bill Collins
Ouray 031 The Allens
Ouray 032 Stevi Casdorph with Terry and Carol McNulty
Ouray 033 Larry Crotts Where's Bel
Ouray 034 Good Guys Mark Bohannan and Bob Werner

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