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Bob Werner waiting to set up
The set up scramble
Dave Des Marais and Roger Becksted checking out the goods
Steve and Michele Rush with the last of George Foott's beautiful paintings
Richard Hauck's better half shopping at Linda and John Stimson's table
Doc Kraft was kept busy
Doc Kraft's impressive table of carbides
Offerings from Patty Czitterberg and Sam Michael
Roger Becksted, Sam Michael, Randy Marcotte and Bill Collins shopping
Bob Schroth having fun and tempting Steve Rush
LeAnn and Dave Thorpe had some very nice goodies
Gwen and Paul Johnson
Mitzi and Leo Stambaugh had lots of things
Ruth Moon keeping watch over her favorite of George Foott's paintings
John Kynor's usual large variety of cap tins
Doug Miller checks out Ziggy Zecha's table
Naomi and George Allen had a full table
Larry Crotts better half wondering where he is

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